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1. Will lash extensions pull my lashes out?


NO! When you are not washing your lashes properly or pulling on the lashes, that would cause for damage. The technician ensures the lashes are isolated and applied correctly so please educate yourself on the do's and don'ts when you are looking to get lash extensions services.


2. Can I swim with lash extensions?


Lash artists prefer you take a rain check on the water sports. To ensure longevity or "retention" give swimming a rest for the next two weeks. The salt in the water or the chlorine in the pool will break the bonds of the lash extensions, causing unnecessary shedding of the lash extensions. Would you be able to swim with lash strips, most likely not, so take the same precaution with individual lash extensions.


3. Does makeup ruin lash extensioins?


Makeup can cause build up in the lash area. Mascara is a no no when it comes to lash extensions because the added weight and dirt can make the lashes come out a lot faster. Foundation and eyeliner as well.  You can look amazing with lash extensions alone but a full face of makeup with no lashes can look a little off.


4. How often should I wash my lash extensions?


It is ideal to wash lashes every 2-3 days or daily. Use lash shampoo available in the SHOP section or in store with your desired technician


5. When should I get a lash fill?


2-3 weeks are the fill times for lash extension services.


6. What are deposits?


A deposit would be a required form of payment that ensures the technician and client that the service is confirmed. It is $25 and goes toward the total cost of services.


7. How long is each service?


Blasted Beauty LLC & its affiliates cover a lot of different services. 1 service can be 1-2 hours, while 2-3 services can be an additional 30 mins to an hour. It all depends which services are desired.


8. Does BBLLC offer discounts?


We do! We also offer bundle deals and gift cards. Shoot us a message on the contact page and we can email you! 


9. Is there an age requirement for lash extensions?


16 year olds can bring their parents to sign their consent forms, but 18 is an ideal age to start getting lash extensions.


10. How does lengths and widths work when it comes to lash extensions?


10-15MM is considered small to medium sized in lashes. 15-20MM is medium to long & 20-25MM is long to extra long in lashes. Anything above 25MM is considered extendo lashes. 


Natural looks can be short & less full (light volume) while dramatic lash extensions can be long and full. (volume or mega volumes)

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